Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stay Tuned

We've had some computer problems and are sharing a computer right now; and my husband has been gone a lot to work and school lately. HOWEVER, I have some great information I am excited to share and a FABULOUS recipe for this week. So I am hoping to get some computer time tomorrow to update this week's blog.

BUT -- even with this delay in information, articles, recipe, etc. this week, there is still a LOT to be implementing -- drinking enough water every day (remember, one to two glasses before every meal, snack, etc.); tracking what you eat on a daily basis and figuring out where you need to go next; going to the Food Guide Pyramid to figure out what the nutrition needs are FOR EACH MEMBER OF YOUR FAMILY; trying new workouts out and figuring out what ENERGIZES and WORKS FOR YOU on the days that you can't get out and ride a bike or go for a walk/run with your friends, spouse, children, etc.

SO -- review where you are with the basics and STAY TUNED. We're still here, and we have some exciting additions that we will hopefully have in place next week with the WEEKLY MENU at our new site

Happy, healthy LIVING!!!



Hey, Mommy #1 (haha). I was just talking to my mom and she said she found this great health blog...THIS one! I had to laugh because she didn't realize it was my friend's blog. So you're getting popular! Wahoo!

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