Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mom and Baby workouts

We have already had a great post about exercises we can do to get our bodies tone. I wanted to share some information about exercises we can do with our babies. Rather than retype all of the information, here is the link to the website StrollerStriders exercises. This has exercises you can do with or without your baby. One of the great benefits of using your baby as resistance is that as you get stronger as they are gaining weight, making your workout more challenging with time.

I would love to hear how you moms/ soon to be moms/ fit ladies are involving your babies in your exercise or any great tips you have for being fit. Please leave us a comment with your tips and we will send one lucky responder the "Baby's First Moves" Baby Einstien DVD. It has a bonus feature that demonstrates pilates moves you can do at home with your baby.

A few other exercise tips are ending your workouts at a fun spot (like the park) so your baby can play and be rewarded for behaving while you are getting fit. I think this also establishes the precedent that exercise is a fun and exciting part of life. Make sure to use good posture daily and take care of your body during any exercise. I recently hurt my back packing around my baby (he weighed over 15 lbs at his 2 month checkup). Stressing our bodies won't help us get healthy, so be sure to be smart. Don't forget to leave us a comment with your brilliant ideas!


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