Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hello Again!

Hello Again!  Did you ever see that movie - it's a 1987 movie with Shelly Long, Corbin Bernsen, Sela Ward, and Gabriel Byrne.  In it, Shelly Long's character dies, and her eccentric sister finds a spell to bring her back a year later.  But she can't pick up where she left off because life has happened, things have changed, and she also has to change to find a way to get back to LIVING!

Well, there are no spells or eccentric sisters involved, but I have felt that we definitely need to be back!  And because time and circumstance have taught and changed me, things are going to be a little different - better! So here we are -- Hello Again!!!

The theme for The Mommy 15 is Deliberately Creating the Life of Your Dreams: Heart, Mind, Body, Home!  I am SO EXCITED and SO READY for this blog to take shape and take life.  I hope that it will be a place you can come to find a culmination of everything you are looking for AND the inspiration and direction to put it into ACTION and CREATE the life you have been pinning on the Pinterest boards of your mind and heart for as long as you can remember.  Deliberate means purposeful, intentional, resolute!  Those are powerful words! And when applied to life and to dreams, it means that you are and will tap into that part of you that will keep you unstoppable in LIVING your OWN Happily Ever After.

And that change starts . . . TODAY!

So - WELCOME BACK! And please share this blog with your friends, send me a message on FB to request the topics and themes that are the dreams and struggles and inner battles of your heart. Together, we will move forward - like a waking giant in an unexplored world!

Much Love ~ Melinda