Monday, September 23, 2013

See You at the Top

My friend Marci shared this today, and I HAD to pass it along!  My new motto for the next 90 Days is, "See You at the TOP!"  Who wants to join me?

"How do we get to the view on top? What a great reminder on my trail run today....

I took off to get in nature & go for mtn run to "fill up" for me. As I was running, I came upon this couple who had stopped basically at the base of where the mtn went UP & got really steep.
They said... Is this the trail?
Looks like it I replied...
But... It's so steep, they cautioned as I continued.
That Just means there is an even greater view on top I said... And as long as u stay on the trail moving frwd, u will get there.
Sadly, they decided to turn back... The view ahead appearing too steep
The fear of Failure & the perception they were looking at it through that it would be "too HARD".
What they didn't know is that life is not about PERFECTION but PROGRESSION.
It is only as HARD or as EASY as we want to choose it to be.
If they chose to not look up to the top of the mtn, & instead focused on one step at a time... that their journey is their perfect process of growth, & that it is ok to even stop on the steep hill experience of life to breathe, take a mini break & look for the beauty, gifts & what they r learning in that exact spot on in their journey...
What if they dropped all the attachments to what we "think" it has to look like to be a success & knew instead it got to look like whatever they wanted, & success for each of us can b what we want it to be that is perfect for us vs someone else.... Then they might've realized focusing on just one step at a time..."inch by inch, life is a cinch" that through progression they would eventually reach THE SUMMIT, the PEAK offering the GRAND VIEW of life & getting to the RESULTS they wanted.

The journey was beautiful . . . Each & every step, but because my focus was just 1 step at a time . . . I was blessed to see the gorgeous changing colors of the leaves & THE VIEW FROM THE TOP."