Saturday, April 25, 2009

Never Too Early

It seems there is a common theme to my thoughts on kids and nutrition: It's Never Too Early. It is interesting that research on food habits and moral teaching have almost the same time frame. The most effective teaching is EARLY!!

All of you who read this blog can smile and feel a great pride in your heart that this is important to you. You are on the RIGHT TRACK. You are great moms and are giving your kids such an advantage and a lifelong blessing of good health and fitness.

This is the research: Adults influence the development of children’s healthy habits beginning in their earliest years, from the variety of foods they try, to ideas about to how to keep their bodies active and healthy.

By the time a child is between two and four years old, their eating habits are largely shaped. If they reach the age of five without learning about healthy eating, the chances of her developing poor nutritional habits and attitudes are significantly increased.

Amazingly, this may be the first generation that may actually have a shorter lifespan than their parents, all due to issues around obesity or facts about nutrition and the amount of physical activity.

Fortunately, there’s a window of opportunity during a child’s preschool years in which thier early social environment can impact the development of healthy habits. Research shows that through repeated exposure and with the help of positive role models, preschoolers can learn to like wholesome foods and can develop good dietary practices.

So there you have it! Keep up the good work.



Love it! It is so true we definitely have a huge impact on our children. Thanks for the info!

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