Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Calories Per Hour

I just found this great site called "Calories Per Hour." It has a weight loss tutorial that is VERY thorough. I encourage ANYONE trying to lose weight to go through it. I will cover and spotlight some of the main points here from time to time. One thing I read today that I think is very interesting is about the number of calories we use every day, doing every day things. They also have an activity calculator you can use to determine how many calories you burn doing activities you love or even just walking or biking with your family or working out at the gym. The daily activity breakdown looks like this:

588 calories in 8 hr
Office Work - general
980 calories in 8 hr
Driving - light vehicle (e.g., car, pick-up)
163 calories in 1 hr
Food - preparing, at home
204 calories in 1 hr
Eating - sitting
122 calories in 1 hr
Taking a Shower
82 calories in 30 min
Cleaning - house or cabin, general
122 calories in 30 min
Shopping - groceries, with cart
94 calories in 30 min
Walking - with dog
122 calories in 30 min
Running - 6 mph
408 calories in 30 min
Dressing and Undressing
82 calories in 30 min
Watching - TV or movie
163 calories in 2 hr
So even things like watching television or working at the computer burn calories -- just because you are awake and doing things. However, some simple exchanges for the amount of time you spend doing these things might help you see why the weight goes on to begin with and what minor changes, implemented consistently over time, will help you lose and, more importantly, NOT gain back the excess weight.

Ironically, the more overweight you are, the less likely you are to do some of the more active and interactive things. It's a catch-22, huh? But as you lose weight, you gain the physical ability and increased desire to be more active, thus improving your overall health, well-being, and ultimately your entire life! ;-D