Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Catching Up -- Nutrition Information

I have found some nutrition guidelines for breastfeeding moms. NOW -- if you are not or have not been pregnant, don't overlook this and think, "That doesn't apply to me." Because, the truth is, that it WILL at some time; and if we can form good habits that will give our bodies the best nutrition possible BEFORE and DURING pregnancy, we will be able to meet our bodies' and our children's nutritional needs when THEIR growth and development and OUR strength and ability to contribute to their growth and development are essential.

Here are the guidelines:
1) The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggest that, after the first six to eight weeks after the birth of your baby, you should ONLY lose about 1 pound a week. No more. More can cause you to either NOT produce enough milk for your baby OR not produce enough nutrients for your own sustenance while your body is taking from you what your baby needs.
2) Eat the following quantities of the following foods:
Grains: 8 ounces a day
Veggies: 3 cups a day (about three 1-cup servings of fresh veggies; six 1/2cup servings of cooked/steamed veggies)
Fruit: 2 cups a day (about one medium banana, one medium apple, etc.)
Dairy: 3 cups a day (aim for fat-free or low-fat options first; limit amount of cheese)
Meat and Beans: 3 servings a day (stick with lean proteins wherever possible)
Healthy Oils: 3 tsp. a day (includes Olive Oil, avocados, nuts, etc.; you and baby need the Vitamin E)
Water: At LEAST 8 glasses per day (more for when you exercise/sweat a lot)

That's it -- now evaluate where you are. If you start to lose milk or find your baby isn't gaining weight as quickly as necessary, it may be because you aren't eating enough of the right foods for your body and baby's needs.


The Greenacres

It took me a minute to figure out who you were. I must agree that I have many of the same struggles with weight gain and I have felt like this year should be the year to end all years of weight loss resolutions. Mostly because I am running out of time before we start to think about #3 so after three months of no progress I'm thinking about some things.
Thing number one: More vegetables I mean lots more. Almost vegetarian. I read the PH miracle and it is really extream but it makes sense. So 20% meat 80% vegetables for meals. That for me is a new way of thinking. The basic principle in the book is that by making your blood more alkaline or basic you can have more energy help your digestive system, and in some cases beat cancer and other diseases. According to this guy cancer thrives in an acidic environment and meat, sugar, white bread all makes your blood more acidic.
Thing #2: A Colon cleanse. I feel sluggish and am having trouble even getting on the road to weight loss success. I've read up on colon cleanses and overall digestive health and all of those thing and many others have been linked to build up of mucus in the colon. This inhibits the absorbtion of nutrients and causes lots of problems. Anyway there is a section in the PH miracle book and I've read other things on line. So yeah colon clenses.
Thing 3: Acai berry? Hype or is there something too it? That is still to be determined.

note: I am in no way shape or form an expert and my comments are a personal opinion based on what I have read. If any of you find these things interesting I would encourage you to check them out for yourself. As in Reading Rainbow, "You don't have to take my word for it"


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