Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Small Things

I haven't decided what theme I am going to give Thursdays yet.  I have a few ideas in mind, but I haven't nailed this one down yet.  HOWEVER, today is Thankful Thursday! Oh the power of thank you.  Such small words.  Such easy words.  Such life-changing, relationship-building, faith-instilling, gratifying words.  When was the last time you said them?  Are there thank-yous left unsaid in your life or heart right now?  So what if it was something that happened a month ago (or two or three or four or a few years)?  Does it come to your mind - to your heart?  Does it bring a smile to your face?  Do you find yourself remembering that your life was changed or improved or influenced when so-and-so said or did such-and-such or allowed you to say or do such-and-such?  Cuz my heart has been remembering lately.  And I find myself in need of saying a lot of over-due, unspoken thank yous.

So I challenge you today to take 15 minutes and just say thank you - to God, to your mother, to your spouse, to your children, to your boss, to your family, to your friends, to whoever is on your mind or comes to your mind when you think of saying thank you.  Just DO IT!  It will be 15 minutes WELL SPENT, and it will be sure to change your life (and probably a few other people's in the process).


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