Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Upside Down Recovery

Jan. 28. . . The first day I didn't have a special 15 moment to write about and a day that turned my world upside down and left the last week a little void of moments to comment on.

BUT . . . .

I've recovered.  I spent over an hour on Sunday with my dear friend Anna and got back to my EA Active Sports workout yesterday, and I'm feeling MUCH better!

And today, this is my Mommy 15 moment.  I am taking some time while my babies sleep to get online, check up on friends, gather my thoughts and feelings, and plan some special moments for the next few weeks.  I am so excited!!!!

In the meantime, my friend told me about a drawing for a free trip to Seattle (click to enter yourself - I'm not afraid of competition; as long as someone I know wins, I'll be ALMOST as happy)!  Dave and I have talked about going to Seattle since we got married, but the cost of going there with the fact that we don't have any connections for a free place to stay and a way to make cheap food has always kept us back.  But I am telling you now, if we win this trip, SPRING BREAK 2010 is going to be FILLED with special 15 moments in Seattle.  Maybe it will either way.  Never can tell.  But this is our LAST Spring Break in the Northwest and, therefore, our last opportunity to fit something like this in.  And there's gotta be a million memories to be made in a place like Seattle, right?  Or so I've been told!



IS VERY GOOD..............................

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