Monday, March 11, 2013

Week One

This has been such an awesome week!  I feel really good.  Really. Really. Really. Good.  I want everyone to feel this good!!!  I have been living REALLY healthy -- for the last year, it has been a lifestyle.  We don't have junk in our house.  The most processed things we eat are homemade spaghetti sauce and bread.  My kids don't have pretzels and crackers and granola bars in our house to snack on.  We got rid of cold cereal. You get the picture!  But still, my baby is three months old, and up until this last week, the scale had only gone down about 2 pounds in three months. Well, this week I'm down 3.4 pounds.  WOW!  And I've never felt better!  And my baby is going through a growth-spurt or something because he has gotten even chunkier this last week! LOL!  My husband just laughs and says, "His face is getting really round!  Look at those cheeks!!!  Hey there my little chunky monkey!"  And. he. is. ;-)

So - what did our first week's challenge rules consist of?
1) 4-5 Servings of Fruit and Vegetables every day.
2) No sugar.
3) No carbs (other than fruit, vegetables, nuts, and beans)
4) Include 2 shakes a day and 5 meals a day.
5) Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
6) Exercise 30 min., 3 days

That's it!  Pretty easy, right?  I know some people will say that "you shouldn't cut out carbs, it isn't healthy for you or your baby."  Well - we didn't!  We just specified what our carb sources were going to consist of for this first week.  The shakes are a perfect balance of carbs, protein, and healthy fats, so I knew I was getting carbs there.  And seriously - that's what I love about doing this week-by-week.  You can tweak it, see how you feel, watch your baby and your milk supply, etc.  Nutritionally, I've never felt better!  Energy-wise, I've never felt better!  And that is SO IMPORTANT if I'm going to keep up with my four little ones.

First $50 safe.  This week, going for $60!

Oh - if you missed what this Challenge is all about, you can read about it here!  Love having you along for this journey!


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