Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Choose

There is a lesson that my husband has tried to teach me several times since we got married. Eleanore Roosevelt said it best:

"No one can make you feel inferior without your permission." In fact, no one can make you anything without your permission.

When I read this "I Choose" quote on Pinterest, it really summed that powerful lesson up for me.

Our lives are the product of our choices.  And NO ONE dictates those to us.  Not your boss, not your kids, not your spouse, not your family/friends, not your enemies. Other people may apply significant pressure, may cause you to feel you don't have a choice; but that lie will never lead you to happiness.  Your choice is to follow them, to give into the pressure, or to choose you. It is not always easy, but it doesn't change the fact that YOUR LIFE IS YOURS ALONE.  And you only get one.

Some of the most inspirational, motivational, life-changing people in history got backed into a corner by family, work, friends, society . . . and CHOSE a different path. It was a harder path.  But our lives are better for it, and because of that choice to choose a harder road, we actually know who they are today and have benefited from them!

Your life is yours alone. And you only get one.

What do YOU CHOOSE today?


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